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Ikarus Festival campsite 

About the Festipi:

Do you want to have comfortable accommodation during the festival with all positive elements of a traditional tipi such as perfect air circulation that ensures that the tipi is warm quickly in case of cold weather and stays nice and cool in hot weather?

This tent with its wonderful artwork provides the ultimate camping experience. The Festipi is a tipi tent with a cross section of 2.5 metres, ideal for one or two people.

Optional products:

If you want to have a extra relaxed stay during the festival we also got some extra products you can order in the booking proces. For example, very nice camping chairs and / or camping tables but also interior like sleeping matresses, sleeping bags or pillows with pillowsheets!

From  €89,- per Tipi

For the entire duration of the festival as soon as the campsite opens and until it closes again.

Festival tickets and camping tickets are not included with this booking.

Festipi 2P

About this accommodation:

  • Perfect for one to two persons with a diameter of 2,5 meters 
  • 2.2 meters in height, so you can stand up in the tent!
  • Perfect air circulation
  • Without interior (no sleeping mats, sleeping bags, pillows etc)

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Only 25 Festipi’s can be booked this year.

Festival tickets and camping tickets are not included with this booking.

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Ikarus Festival takes place from 7th of july to 10th of july 2019 in Memmingen, Germany. The campsite opens at 12 pm on Friday the 7th of july and it closes its doors on Monday the 10th of july at 10.00.

Checking in is possible at the following times:
-Friday from 17 pm to 23 pm
-Saturday from 9 am to 22 pm
-Sunday from 9 am to 17 pm
-On Monday everyone must leave the campsite before noon.

Accommodation Ticket
After booking you will receive an Accommodation Ticket. This gives you
access to your personal accommodation, but not to Ikarus Festival 2019 or
the festival’s campsite. For this you have to buy a separate Weekend + campsite Ticket via the festival’s ticket shop. A few days before
your trip to the Ikarus Festival you will receive a separate e-
mail from us with extra information about your accommodation.

Check in
You can check in at the reception of the Ikarus Festival. Our hosts will
welcome you and take you to your accommodation. During the check in we
will look together with you whether everything is according to your wishes.

Check out
After the event we hope to be able to say goodbye, so feel free to pop in.